Cynthia Lukas

Producer-Director-Writer-Lecturer on Topics of Spiritual and Global Transformation

Cynthia Lukas

Watch a program with Cynthia as speaker using clips from GANDHI’S GIFT for Citizens for Peace in Livonia, Michigan (October 2015).

“It was an absolute pleasure to hear you speak at the Parliament of World Religions (Toronto). I was impressed by what I would describe as your encyclopedic knowledge of Gandhi’s life and achievements.”

T. R. Pillay, Mahatma Gandhi Canadian World Peace Foundation

“Your presentation enlightened the aspect of Gandhi’s life that we were not exposed to here in US or in India.”

Jay Ganatra, Detroit

Listen to an interview with Cynthia by Mark Gilbert, Host of the Conscious Bridge Radio Show, called “Creating Movies From The Heart” (November, 2015)

Cynthia and Erica
Cynthia and Director of Spiritual Life and Diversity Erica Sigauke at the Peace Pole, Cottey College

“You did a beautiful job speaking to the audience at the Institute of World Culture about the splendid film that you and your Co-Producer (Director Kell Kearns) produced (GANDHI’S GIFT).”

–Jenny Sheffield Bisheff, Santa Barbara

“Thank you for coming to share your wisdom with our community! We are still talking about your wonderful presentations (GLOBALIZED SOUL and clips from the upcoming GANDHI’S GIFT).”

–Erica Sigauke, Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Diversity, Cottey College

“Those of us who had the pleasure of informal discussions with you, Cynthia, were very struck by your wide-ranging knowledge of Gandhi’s life and thought, and, just as impressive, by your wholehearted commitment to doing all you can to see that his fundamental message does not become an anachronism to the younger generations (who are the responsible custodians and pioneers of the future).”

–Dr. James Tepfer, Professor of Political Science, Oxnard College, and Board, Institute of World Culture
Cynthia’s Shadow

“Cynthia Lukas’s presentations at Texas State University and in the San Marcos community provided a time for deep reflection on the Martin Luther King holiday and the legacy of those who worked to bring about change during the civil rights era. Her energy engaged our students in considering Gandhi’s influence on MLK, and the sacrifices made by so many during that transformative time. Many students and community residents left her presentations with a renewed sense of history and purpose.”

–Diann McCabe, Directory of Academic Development, Co-Chair of the Common Experience, Senior Lecturer, Texas State University