Watch the new Trailer(3:02) for the documentary-in-the making about the amazing KASTURBA GANDHI: Compassionate Activist ! Coming in 2024!

Below, listen to Director Cynthia Lukas (3:12) on KASTURBA GANDHI: Compassionate Activist, coming in 2024!

About KASTURBA GANDHI: Accidental Activist:

“It is Absolutely Inspiringly Brilliant! I didn’t want it to end. Amazing person and amazing woman. Thank you so much for gifting her love and legacy through your film. I feel as if you’ve given everyone a wonderful cinematic gift.”–Lucia Wilson, Hamden, Connecticut

Directed by Cynthia Lukas

Co-Producer of “GANDHI’S GIFT”–Distributed by American Public Television on PBS (2018-23)
and “GANDHI’S AWAKENING”–Distributed by American Public Television on PBS (2018-23)

Narrated by Naveen Andrews

History Missed This Story

In this brief Trailer, we catch a glimpse of the experts who will comment on Kasturba’s story with meaning and insight.  Initially we see Dr. Sita Kapadia, who has written the first comprehensive biography of Kasturba, The Woman Beside Gandhi, after interviewing 500 people who knew her.  Dr. Rajmohan Gandhi, considered the world’s premier scholar on Gandhi, brings his wealth of knowledge along with his own vivid memories as a grandson, an unbeatable combination.  Another grandson, Arun Gandhi, is author of The Forgotten Woman about his beloved grandmother.  His sister, Ela Gandhi, a granddaughter and herself an activist in South Africa, will speak with authority about her grandmother as an activist.  Dr. Vandana Shiva, Gandhian and one of the world’s most famous environmentalists, brings her unmatched wisdom to this story of feminine courage. We are also fortunate to have  Dr. Veena Howard, Director of the M. K. Gandhi Center, CSU-Fresno, who will share her knowledge and understanding of this fascinating woman.

After researching Gandhi and Kasturba Gandhi for more than a decade, Cynthia has interviewed this treasure trove of experts, who know more about Kasturba Gandhi than anyone else on the planet. Cynthia has also filmed on location in India, South Africa and the U.K.

If you would like to contribute to make sure this never-before-told story reaches the widest audience possible, contact Cynthia Lukas, Director-Producer.  Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted as non-profit contributions.