Sweet Springs Productions presents KASTURBA GANDHI: Accidental Activist, narrated by Naveen Andrews.

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Starting March 1, 2023, American Public Television will distribute the documentary on public television stations (PBS). Check your local listings, or watch on PBS Passport, if you are a PBS contributor.

“Hooray! Another heroine. Thank you so much for Accidental Activist, recently viewed on PBS. I’d thought Mahatma was an exception to the rule that behind every great man, there’s a great woman. But of course, I was wrong!… I consider tellers of her story, such as yourself, as heroic.” –Michael J Regent, Medford, Wisconsin


YOU CAN NOW WATCH A TRAILER for the documentary-in-the-making about more of her amazing life story, KASTURBA GANDHI: Compassionate Activist. Coming in 2024!



The story that has never been fully told . . . Kasturba Gandhi lived alongside one of the greatest men in history, but she has remained in his shadow—now she emerges. Gandhi himself said she taught him about nonviolence and called her “his precious jewel” of inspiration. The Indian nation, the largest democracy in existence, calls her “Mother,” but who was she, this Accidental Activist? And what is her connection to women activists today? History Missed This Story.






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